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Tropical Blooms is a supplier to many florists across Australia. We pride ourselves on our quality and convienience for the Florist. If you are a  florist and are looking for a supplier of fresh tropical flowers, foliage and orchids - contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

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  • Cymbidium Orchids - 8 stem box
    Cymbidiums are beautiful, large Orchids that come in a variety of striking colour combinations. They are grown in Southern Australia and other cooler climates such as New Zealand and the Netherlands. We supply them to you in...
  • Heliconia 100 Stem Box
    A great mix of our Heliconia Psittacorums. 100 stems in a range of colours. A value box with included shipping.
  • Jumbo Mixed Foliage
    This is our largest mixed foliage box. It has a great range of red, green and yellow foliage in a variety of products. The box includes: - 12 bunches of mixed colour tropical leaves (7-12 stem bunches) - 9 stems of 50cm top...
  • LARGE - Red, Yellow and Green Tropicals
    This is a great combination of Reds, Yellows and Greens. The box includes the cost of freight to your door. It is packaged in our LARGE box and includes 5kg of product!.   Included is: 9 x Lucky Bamboo Stems...
  • Phaleanopsis Orchids - 6 stem box
    This is our most popular Orchid, especially for wedding bouquets. We supply them in a box of 6 stems, with a minimum of 40 Blooms. Each stem is typically between 40-60cm long. Other colour options are also available upon...
  • Sampan Leaf "Spears" - 10 stem bunch
    Beautiful green spear shaped leaf that is 30-40 cm long. A standout foliage that is a popular purchase.
  • We have created a great value 'Festive Box' with a selection of our tropical reds and greens. It is perfect for the summer. The Festive Box includes: 3 X Lucky Bamboo stems 3 X Costus Baby French Kiss 3 X Costus...
  • Heliconia Pssitacorums
    Order a mixed box of our Heliconia range and it will be delivered right to your door. This is a great mix of feature flowers for florists to create multiple tropical arrangements including corporates. The flowers are 95cm...
  • Mixed Tropical Box - 8 (shipping included)
    A great value flower box! 30 stems of export grade 95cm Heliconia Psittacorum flowers in a minimum of 2 colours and 50 stems of colourful medium size tropical foliages. Packed in our wet pack box for added freshness and life...
  • 8 Bunch Orchid Box (shipping included)
    40 stems of premium grade 35-40cm Orchids. You will receive 20 stems of Dendrobium and 20 stems of Aranda/Mokara Orchids in mixed colours shipped overnight to ensure the best quality. Price includes all freight and delivery...
  • Alpina Pink
    Pink Ginger is the same as the Red Ginger except for colour. A beautiful soft pink with creamy white highlights. 7-10 days shelf life and cut to 95cm. Available in limited numbers all year. Price is per bunch.
  • Ginger Alpinia Red - 3 stem bunch
    Red Ginger is one of the most popular Gingers we sell. Available all year. Shelf life is 7-10 days and the flowers are cut to 95cm. Very bright colour. Limited supplies available. Price is per bunch.
  • Heliconia 50 Stem Box (shipping included)
    50 stems of our export grade Heliconia Psittacorum flowers cut to 95cm with lush green foliage. We use only the best proven long life varieties. You will receive a minimum of 3 colours. All flowers are shipped in our unique...
  • Bihai Claw 2
    Claw Two is one of the toughest claws available. Medium flower head around 25-35cm in bright orange with green lip. Shelf life 10-18 days. Available mainly in spring and summer. Supplied at 95cm. Price is per stem.
  • Yellow Dancer
    Sunshine yellow, medium size claw with 15-25cm flower head. Available spring and autumn 7-14 days shelf life. Flat wide shape with compact form. Volume discounts available. Price is per stem.
  • Heliconia Hanging Pendant - Marisa
    Marisa is our most popular hanging Heliconia. The smaller flower size (approx 25-35cm) and thin stem make this flower very usable for general floristry work. Colour is dark red with green lip and shelf life is 7-14 days...
  • Stricta 'Firebird Claw
    Firebird is our most popular crab claw. Supplied at 95cm and available all year. Medium size flower head approx 20-25cm in bright tangerine red. 7-10 day shelf life. Suitable for either bowl or free form work. Price is per...
  • Mixed Tropical Box - 1 (shipping included)
    30 stems of export grade 95cm Heliconia Psittacorum flowers in a minimum of 2 colours, 2 stems of 95cm Heliconia Crab Claws and 20 stems of colourful medium size tropical foliages. Packed in our wet pack box for added...
  • Mixed Tropical Box - 2 (shipping included)
    30 stems of export grade Heliconia Psittacorum flowers in mixed colours cut to 95cm. 3 stems of seasonal Ginger flowers (e.g. Red, Pink, Spectabilus, Torch or Tulip Ginger). 20 stems of mixed tropical foliage leaves and 3...
  • Mixed Tropical Box - 3 (shipping included)
    30 stems of export grade mixed colour Heliconia Psittacorum flowers cut to 95cm. 3 stems of large Heliconia Crab Claw flowers cut to 95cm. This is a popular box with florists who have commercial accounts to service each week...
  • Mixed Tropical Box - 4 (shipping included)
    30 stems of export grade mixed colour Heliconia Psittacorum flowers cut to 95cm. One large colourful Heliconia Crab Claw flower. 3 stems of mixed seasonal Ginger flowers and 20 stems of tropical leaves. Packed in our unique...
  • Mixed Tropical Box - 5 (shipping included)
    A good quantity of 50 stems of mixed medium size tropical foliages. It also includes 9 stems of 50cm long tropical foliage top cuttings and 20 stems of export grade Heliconia Psittacorum flowers cut to 95cm and supplied in...
  • Mixed Tropical Box - 6 (shipping included)
    80 stems of our stunning tropical foliage leaves in mixed colours, shapes and sizes. 9 stems of 50cm long foliage top cuttings ideal for bulking out bouquets or arrangements. 3 stems of 95cm long exotic palm fronds. This box...
  • Mixed Box of Tropical Leaves
    120 stems of our best mixture of tropical foliages. This box is designed primarily for florists who do a lot of commercial work and need very long life product in difficult conditions. With tropical leaves there is no leaf...
  • Singapore Lady Pink - 5 stem bunch
    35-40cm stems.  One of our favourite pink Dendrobiums. It has a beautiful white underside and centre, progressing to a georgous pink at the outer tip.
  • Aranda Tiger
    35-40cm stems. This is a golden yellow colour with copper fleck throughout the petals. It is a very strong semi-spider type blooms with perfume.
  • Aranda Ann Black
    35-40cm stems. It is a dark red 'Spider Orchid' that typically lasts and has a strong colour precence when used in larger volumes. It is also available in an extra long version upon request. Contact...
  • Cordyline Green Stripe - 10 stem bunch
    Smaller size narrower leaf. Green with yellow lines throughout. 10 stem bunch.
  • Cordyline Hawaiian Rose - 10 stem bunch
    Medium size round shape. Bright colouring in pink/green/white. Limited supply in winter. 10 stem bunch.
  • Cordyline Kahlua - 10 stem bunch
    Very large leaf dark burgundy/green with pink features. 7 stem bunch.
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