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I've never shown you tropical flowers growing in the field???

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I can't believe it... but I was thinking about it the other day. I have completely ignored the fact that a lot of people simply have no idea how our flowers grow.

So I thought I'd take a few photos and share them. They are in no particular order, just a few samples of what is about on the farm right now. If anything takes your fancy or if you have a question about a picture - feel free to ask!

Any questions - just email to

Costus Baby French Kiss - all year round production... which is rare for tropicals.


Diffenbachia - a great choice for larger displays


Costus Red - awesome summer flower


Firebird - my favourite medium sized crab claw


Costus Green - a great little 'beehive' style flower... but the plant spreads easily.


Ginger Alpinia Red - we trim all of the foliage off the flower stem before shipping.


Cordyline Shade house - oodles of different coloured foliage in here.


More claws - these guys don't have a long flower season - but great for large work 


A nice tulip ginger - just starting to flower...


The first 'Australian Flowers Week' is coming

As an industry, the Australian cut flower industry is significant. We have over 2000 florists, hundreds of farmers, importers, wholesalers and logistic firms that rely on our industry. However like a lot of other industries, we are made up of a lot of small businesses who often don't interact with each other or have a [...]

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Flowers, Foliage and Frogs = a good mix

A lot of people comment when they visit our farm that we have "so many frogs!". There was a time in the past when we didn't... and let me tell you, it was a completely different place in so many ways. For me, the frogs are a great measuring stick as to the health of our [...]

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Tropical Fever - The Wet Season

I simply cannot explain to someone who has not experienced a tropical wet season what it is like. I personally love it. Heat, humidity and lots of rain that seems to appear out of no where. The way that our plants grow in this climate is amazing. They literally change overnight in some cases.With this [...]

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Running the farm v's running the business

It's an old saying "too busy running the farm to run the business"... and I can see how it is such a relevant and timeless reminder to all small business owners to review and plan ahead.Its not always easy to step away from the hands on, everyday activity of any business to look ahead (or [...]

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The benefits of cyclones

Today's Satellite Map...Now - I know that cyclones can cause major destruction and have an enormous impact on the surrounding population, but we don't often discuss the benefits. I wanted to touch on a few that we experience here in Tropical North QLD.A stack of good rain - cyclones need a couple of main ingredients: [...]

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The difference between Mokara (Vanda style) and Dendrobium (Singapore style) orchids

A lot of people have trouble determining the difference between the two main orchid varieties we sell. I thought I'd give you all a quick summary of how to quickly tell them apart. We often sell them mixed together, so its handy to know.The two main varieties are Mokara and Dendrobium orchids. Of course we [...]

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The key to long lasting flowers?

The key to lasting tropical flowers is pretty simple. By following some of the basic points below - you will be able to maximise your flowers life.Here are a few basic guidelines and fundamentals that should be followed.Water is critical. All flowers (and foliage for that matter) begin to decline as moisture and food reserves [...]

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