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Tropicals Flowers

We have been growing and supplying export quality Tropical Flowers from our farm for over 20 years. We have a wide range available including Heliconia Psittacorums, Crab Claws, Hangers and Gingers.

Feel free to Contact Us if you are looking for something special. With over 600,000 plants, we will likely be able to assist.

Dont forget - we offer an unconditional product guarantee on everything we sell, so check out Our Terms and know you are buying with confidence.


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  • Alpina Pink
    Pink Ginger is the same as the Red Ginger except for colour. A beautiful soft pink with creamy white highlights. 7-10 days shelf life and cut to 95cm. Available in limited numbers all year. Price is per bunch.
  • Ginger Alpinia Red - 3 stem bunch
    Red Ginger is one of the most popular Gingers we sell. Available all year. Shelf life is 7-10 days and the flowers are cut to 95cm. Very bright colour. Limited supplies available. Price is per bunch.
  • Bihai Claw 2
    Claw Two is one of the toughest claws available. Medium flower head around 25-35cm in bright orange with green lip. Shelf life 10-18 days. Available mainly in spring and summer. Supplied at 95cm. Price is per stem.
  • Yellow Dancer
    Sunshine yellow, medium size claw with 15-25cm flower head. Available spring and autumn 7-14 days shelf life. Flat wide shape with compact form. Volume discounts available. Price is per stem.
  • Heliconia Hanging Pendant - Marisa
    Marisa is our most popular hanging Heliconia. The smaller flower size (approx 25-35cm) and thin stem make this flower very usable for general floristry work. Colour is dark red with green lip and shelf life is 7-14 days...
  • Stricta 'Firebird Claw
    Firebird is our most popular crab claw. Supplied at 95cm and available all year. Medium size flower head approx 20-25cm in bright tangerine red. 7-10 day shelf life. Suitable for either bowl or free form work. Price is per...
  • Heliconia Claw Halloween - 3 stem bunch
    The Heliconia Halloween is a smaller sized claw particularly suited for medium sized bowl work. If you want a smaller feature item compared with larger crab claws or hangers in your arrangement, this is a great option to...
  • Heliconia Psittacorum Daintree - 10 stem bunch
    Red version of the popular Golden Torch with large flower head in a red to burnt orange colouring. Large dark green foliage. Good shelf life. Shipped in 10 stem bunches. Price is per bunch.
  • Heliconia Psittacorum Golden Torch - 10 stem bunch
    Largest of the psittacorum type flowers in strong golden yellow. Foliage is soft green and some larger leaves grow above the flower head. Medium shelf life. One of the better known and proven varieties. Shipped in 10 stem...
  • Heliconia Psittacorum Petra - 10 stem bunch
    Petra is one of the best psittacorum's available. Bright orange in colour with dark green leathery foliage and long life. Very robust flower suitable for the more demanding situations. Shipped in 10 stem bunches. Price is...
  • Heliconia Psittacorum Rosa - 10 stem bunch
    Elegant medium sized flower with unusual flat, wide shape. Dark pinky red colour with lime green florets that rarely drop. Narrow long green foliage. Good shelf life. Shipped in 10 or 20 stem bunches. Price is per bunch...
  • Heliconia Psittacorum Sassy - 10 stem bunch
    Another of our best psittacorum's with large flower size and long shelf life. Flower has a green base running into very bright dark pink on the top half of the flower with contrasting orange florets. Strong dark green...
  • Heliconia Psittacorum St Vincent Red - 10 stem bunch
    Fire engine red with yellow florets. Flower is long and slender with narrow dark green foliage and stem. Medium shelf life. Very bright and elegant flower. Shipped in 10 stem bunches. Price is per bunch.
  • Calathea Lutea Cigar
    Very large and unusual candelabra shaped flower head with multiple flowers. Available in 95cm and 1.3m lengths. Mainly available winter/spring.
  • Costus Baby French Kiss
    Bright red smaller flower with velvet green leaves. Long but slender stem. Suitable for bowl work or vase. Cut to 95cm. Flowers most of the year. Sold as a 3 stem bunch.
  • Costus Barbatus
    Red Costus (as this beautiful flower is better known) produces striking red flowers with bright yellow florets. Production is erratic with two main flushes per year in Spring and Autumn. Supplied cut to 50cm. Price is per...
  • Costus Green
    Costus Green
    Green cone like flower with rough texture. Approx 20-50cm. Available on and off throughout the year.
  • Ginger Spectabilus Gold
    Spectabilus Ginger is another of our more popular Gingers. Also known as Beehive Ginger. Bright golden yellow with 7-14 days shelf life. Varies in size with maturity from 25-75cm long. Available from November till May. Price...
  • Ginger Torch Pink
    Torch Ginger has an unusual waxy feel to the petals. Colour is very pale pink. Shelf life is 5-7 days. Available on and off throughout the year. Price is per stem. We also have a smaller variety available from time to time...
  • Ginger Tulip
    Ginger Tulip
    Tulip Ginger is similar to the Torch Ginger except the flower is more compact. Colour is a soft brick red. Cut to 95cm and available October till January. Price is per stem.

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