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Tropical Fever - The Wet Season


I simply cannot explain to someone who has not experienced a tropical wet season what it is like. I personally love it. Heat, humidity and lots of rain that seems to appear out of no where. The way that our plants grow in this climate is amazing. They literally change overnight in some cases.

With this weather comes some inconvenience of stingers in the water, annoying mozzies and some reptilian wildlife turning up unannounced... but its worth it.

I can still remember the very first night that we had a heavy down pouring of rain. We were new to growing flowers and very new to Far North Queensland. I was awake for most of the night worrying that our newly purchased farm was going to be completely washed away. Of course - in the morning it was like we had a good shower of rain and not much more. The land is built for it, the flora and fauna thrive in it.

So, if you do get the chance to visit a tropical region during a wet season, my suggestion is to embrace it and enjoy it. It is a unique experience and after you get on top of the change in humidity... its a really great experience.


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